YOUnique Traces with Award-winning Perfumer Michel Germain | Review

Ladies, does your favorite perfume make you feel sexy and elegant? Wouldn’t you want a scent that draws everyone’s attention? Well, I have the perfect perfume for you! Introducing my new favorite perfume by the award winning perfumer, Michel Germain’s Séxūal Paris Tendre!

It has a soft, refreshing fragrance that blends uniquely with my natural scent making me feel confident, sensual and beautiful. Wearing Michel Germain’s perfume creates mystery and draws the attention of everyone around me. With each movement, you can expect an unforgettable aroma.

Michel Germain’s Séxūal Paris Tendre is made of a secret aphrodisiac, and never to be told by a single soul. It allows every woman to feel unique by creating a perfect natural scent of her own. The bottle is made to perfection; caped with a rounded top glistened with 180 hand-placed, blue crystals that will instantly glamorize any vanity. Created with love, this scent will always draw others closer.

Michel Germain’s Séxūal Paris Tendre is available at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s. Michel Germain has other perfumes and cologne for men.  Be naturally and uniquely scented withMichel Germain’s Séxūal Paris Tendre!

When you smell good, you feel great! Visit for more products.


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